Wild Hearts 4 Humans

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Not every horse person wants to ride. Some simply love the experience of being with and around horses. Wild Hearts 4 Humans is Deb's unmounted-horse program for every age. 

Wild Hearts 4 Humans is focused on teaching children and adults. Nurturing their love of horses, while integrating safety & fun. 

At Wild Hearts 4 Humans we work with the horse and human as individuals. More than training and instruction, we have a deep love an appreciation for horses and foster that sense of responsibility in all our students, visitors, volunteers, working students and workers through education. Building upon this connection we work with the horses & humans to develop and solidify a successful partnership. 

Students learn how subtle and gentle the cues need to be to get the correct response from the horse. Riding is easy (yes easy), fun, and fast paced without overlooking critical steps to build a solid foundation upon, regardless of your current level or discipline.

Teaching traditional theory, combined with the science of the biomechanics of motion of the horse and rider. Lessons are safe and fun, in an 'outside-the-box' format.

Students have free access to Deb's online training videos and clinics!!

Once students learn a lesson with Deb, there are videos they can review to help reinforce their learning. Everything from Safety, to Proper Grooming, Tacking, Untacking. Riding and so much more!


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