The Confident Rider

Deb Brosnan has been a licensed horseback riding instructor for over 20 years. She has worked with (and formerly was) a nervous, anxious rider.  She understands the difficulties nervous, anxious, and fearful riders face every time they step into the riding ring. Every time their boot steps into the stirrup. Thus she naturally drew nervous riders into her riding programs. Students who wanted to overcome their fears and anxiety. Both recreational and competitive riders.


Deb has worked over the past 20 years to create a fast, successful, way to help riders permanently move beyond their anxiety and fear.  


"My goal for every rider who works with me, is the absolute joy and confidence in riding which they so desperately want for themselves."


The Confident Rider is the proven program to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. 

Straight from the rider's mouth:

I had been struggling with fear and anxiety with my horse, Figment for almost the entire 18 years we have been together. I tried several trainers and was never able to get past the emotions. I love riding but I was never able to relax and enjoy it and be one with my horse....until I found Deb and Wholistic riding. Through her teaching methods and her emotional and physical exercises Figment and I have become a team. I love to ride now and my once spooky, unconfident horse is now quiet, confident and trustworthy. She is truly the horse I dreamed of. Thanks to Deb I am confident and have the tools I need to keep myself calm and focused and hence keep Figment the same way.
We love Deb and her Wholistic Riding program and I thank the Universe for bringing her into our lives!!


You Can:

Permanently overcome the source of your anxiety and fear

Be able to truly love riding again, (or for the first time) 

Improve your riding ability

Ride with confidence



& Joy  

Do any of these sound like your internal whisper? 

  • I am scared of riding. But I try to pretend I'm not. 

  • I don't love/have never loved riding the way others seem to.

  • It's like I can't get my body to listen to me when I'm riding. 

  •   I get so nervous I freeze or get physically ill.

  • I'll never be a good rider. 

  • I have anxiety issues in my life, at home, work or around people.

  • Since the riding accident, I just can't get over this fear I have. 

  • I'm a terrible rider. I'm not like those other people who are 'natural riders'. 

  • If I didn't love horses so much, I would never ride again. 

It Doesn't Just Change Your Riding, It Changes Your Life! 


Working with Deb and The Confident Rider Program can take you quickly, easily to a more confident, balanced, rider, a more successful equestrian competitor, and human being. When you release your fears, insecurities and anxiety with riding, you also shift your confidence, security, self-assuredness in ALL areas of your LIFE. You cannot have one without the other. It all changes. When insecurities are released they are released through all areas of your life.  

The Confident Rider Program is a combination of RTT, NLP and Deb's personal knowledge through 20 years of being a licensed riding instructor and over 40 years of riding experience. 

Travel? No. You don't need to travel to Deb and unless you ask for an in-person session, Deb doesn't have to travel to you. Everything can be done via Zoom. Just as effectively as in person. 

Are you ready to find out more about The Confident Rider Program?  What it is, how it works, pricing, etc?  Then it's time for your 10 minute FREE call with me to answer all your questions and find out if you are ready to become The Confident Rider!  

Email Deb at or Click Here

or call me directly to set up a call!

US International Code: (+1)


If you call and I'm not immediately available, please leave me a message, (yes, I'm a real human being and I will call you back). Remember to leave a detailed message including your phone number area code and Country Code if required! :) 

**For those of you who would like me to work with your farm's Equestrian Competitive Teams to exponentialize their success this show season, email or call me for group sessions! They work!!!

Becoming The Confident Rider
Release old fears and beliefs that have held you back from riding with joy and confidence. Permanently align yourself with successful thoughts & actions.
Anxiety-Free Jumping
Permanently overcome anxiety, fear, lack of response time when jumping.
Become the athlete you have been striving to be.
Becoming The Confident Competitor
Release old pre-competition and during competition fears.
Replacing them with focus, commitment and confidence.
Moving Past Injuries to Healing
Some accidents when riding are physically and emotionally traumatic to body and mind.
This program is a 28 day system to help you move past emotional and mental blocks in your path to healing, riding and loving riding again!
Overcoming Body Image Issues
A petite rider can feel heavier on the back of the horse than a rider with more weight but better balance.
Let's get you feeling confident about yourself at whatever size you are.
Deb can help you get healthier, make your exercise count, increase your confidence and self-love.
Wholistic Money
Money is a huge issue in many people's lives. Equine sports can be very expensive.
So let's help you shift your money beliefs to a new, more abundant, prosperous level!
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Moving Past Injuries to Healing

Some accidents when riding are physically and emotionally traumatic to body and mind. This program is a 28 day system to help you move past emotional and mental blocks in your path to healing, riding and loving riding again!

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