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Riding Lessons

KWEC is a private riding program founded and taught by Deb Brosnan, named Wholistic Riding.


Openings are limited and only available to new students who will be riding year-round, with Deb.

Offering training in equitation, dressage, and western pleasure. Jumping lessons are available on horses owned privately by Deb's students.

Students are taught groundwork, handling and riding from the mindset of the horse. Creating a safer, more thoughtful, engaged partnership between horse and rider.  

Teaching traditional theory, combined with the science of the biomechanics of motion of the horse and rider. Lessons are safe and fun, in an 'outside-the-box' format.

Deb is focused on teaching children, tweens, teens & nervous/fearful riders of all ages. She teaches a limited number of students. 

Deb's students learn about first aide, health and wellness for horses, nutrition and more at our facility.  We invite Vets, Equine Chiropractors/Acupuncturists, Equine Dentists, Equine Nutritionists, Massage Therapists and Farriers to speak to our students.






Koko's Way Equestrian Center - Littleton, Massachusetts


Deb's Students:

Deb's students have learned to ride. Advanced to become her working students. Some have apprenticed with her to become Licensed Riding Instructors in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Others have gone on to become veterinarians, business professionals and more. Through horses, Deb's students have learned kindness, compassion and self-confidence which transfers to every aspect of the outside world.


With over 20 years experience teaching riders age 3 and up, Deb works with each individual student to learn their goals and their individual learning style. Helping them to reach their fullest potential while having fun. 

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**All current students have access to online video classes created by Deb. Once you have learned or are learning something new, you will be given access to the video(s) to review what you are learning. This allows you to watch as well as participate. Fully integrating you into understanding each part of ground work and riding!!!


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Client Testimonial

Deb Brosnan has been my daughter’s teacher for the past 4 years.  During this time my daughter not only became a confident rider, but Deb brought out the true horse lover in her.  She came to her as a shy, timid girl, and now has the confidence of a true horsewoman.  I cannot say enough about Deb, she is wonderful to the students. It enriches all of her students both children and adults. She teaches not only the basic lesson plans, she puts great emphasis on barn safety, and the rider’s responsibility for ensuring that they will always be safe. Her lessons go from basic lessons, to learning about breeds, temperaments, health of horses, economics of the horse world etc.


She is such an expert in her field, I would not trust anyone else to teach my daughter. We had been at barns before hers, and this is by far the most outstanding experience my daughter has ever had.


This riding program has allowed my daughter the versatility, to learn English and Western riding specifically, jumping. Deb has such vast knowledge, that she is willing and able to help in any area a child might be interested in.


I would highly recommend Deb Brosnan as a riding instructor to any parent.   Her own love of horses, transposes onto the children, and the end result, is a happy, confident rider. 

Kathleen T. 

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