For those who want to immerse themselves in riding and reap the benefits of consistent training and riding.  Perfect for the rider who wishes to join us at shows.

Available disciplines: Dressage, show hack and jumping. **Jumping availability is very limited and riders will not be jumping every day.

6 lessons per week. (1 lesson/day)
Lesson is 45 minute duration.

You must be at least an advanced beginner level rider to participate. (Handle the horse independently on the ground. Groom, tack &  untack without supervision. Ride walk and trot, and steer independently in a ring with multiple riders.)

You can choose to do this program for 1 month or longer.Very limited availability for these slots.

Accelerated Riding Program (Monthly - Lessons 6 days/week)

  • Contact Deb for more specific information on this program.