Healthy Rider - Healthy Horse

Competitive and recreational horse and rider teams can work in ways, both physical and emotional that can create short and long term disruption in their body systems. 

There can be stress for both the horse and rider preparing for, traveling to and participating in such events as trail riding, beach rides, performing in shows (whether local, state, national or international). 

Over the years, Deb has created an energy work system specifically for the horse and rider team. Releasing stress (emotional and physical) allowing a more focused, enjoyable, and successful participation in recreational events as well as shows and competitions. 

Energy sessions can: 

  • Release pre-performance stress & anxiety

  • Allow for post performance recuperation 

  • Allow for continued energy whether you are riding multiple horses or classes in a single day or a multiple day competition.

** Sessions do not take place separately (ex: For the horse only.) Each session must be scheduled for both you and your horse.

A Session Includes: 

For You:

90 minutes of private energy work for you. Allowing for more relaxation. A proven way to release show riding nervousness and anxiety and post-trauma  (fall/riding injury).

1 on 1 work. You are fully clothed and comfortably lay in a zero gravity chair.

**You must have a quiet location to have your session.

For Your Horse:

1 hour energy healing work on your horse. Helps with healing injuries, illnesses, chronic issues, non-optimal physical & emotional states and helps in recuperation during and after shows.

**You must have a stall or other private, quiet, secure area for Deb to work with your horse.